Confessions of a Marketing Cynic

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Funny business.... isn't funny.

So I own the domain Marketing Cynic and the DBA Marketing Cynic, for my ezine "Confessions of a Marketing Cynic." And of course I'm about to start the Marketing Cynic blog.

I'm nothing if not consistent.

And what do I find?

Some ...person... has registered my business name as their blog, and is marketing themselves using my slogan, USP and everything.

I think a Cease and Desist order is next on the agenda.

I am not amused.

In fact, I'm severely annoyed.

Oh, and did I mention that customer service was being completely unhelpful?

Marketing Cynic

Marketing Cynic

Yup, definitely using my domain Marketing Cynic and my stated position on marketing and small business - while not making any effort at all to acknowledge where he got the name, the idea, or anything else.

I am severely annoyed.