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Monday, November 01, 2004

Business Is Very Personal

Business Is Very Personal

Yeah, it's a nice book. And the examples are probably good.

But it's still presenting as "New insights" the concept that 'all marketing must make a profit' - something that Claude Hopkins wrote about in that nice little book he wrote in 1920.

Sure, people like new books. And it's nice to see the big advertisers catching on - hopefully the concept will spread enough to let small business people understand that their money is mis-spent if they don't track the results.

Don't be on it through, not as long as media agents are more interested in selling their advertising space than in providing results for the advertiser.

Which leaves it up to you to do the testing and tracking yourself.

Of course, if you test and track your search engine advertising, you'll quickly find out that PPC advertising fraud is endemic - and hidden from you.


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